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Souvenir is not a company.

Souvenir is a journey, a path which dozens of people walk down by mutual agreement every day.

The company designer walks down this path. With his eyes he observes the soul of the modern woman, providing her with garments capable of exalting her energy. With his heart he senses her delicacy and sensitivity. With his experience he combines them both, making them become one.
Every member of the team walks down this path, creating to perfection those ideas that would otherwise be lost in the wind, selecting precious fabrics, stitching the threads that transform simple fabrics into elegance.

All the women who choose Souvenir garments walk down this path. They are the women who pass beside you on the street, the women you see sitting at a table in the bar or behind an office desk.

They dress in a sober but not minimal, elegant but not ostentatious manner, with a keen eye to the tiniest detail.

In Souvenir’s long journey all these people move together, indispensable to each other.

That is how Souvenir has become a family, your family.

“A family that works with the heart.
A family you belong to.



Via de’ Vecchietti 28 rosso
50123 Firenze tel. +39 0552381882

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Via Santa Lucia 18
35122 Padova tel. 049 8764785

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Via Argiro 111/113
70100 Bari tel. 0802460575

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